Fnuggi og Stumpi

- playing mother and child

Click on the image to enlarge.Click on the image to enlarge.Finally the great weather came. That is something both animals and people enjoy. Many adults and children take the opportunity to play outdoors. That is what our sweet chihuahua dogs, Fnuggi and Stumpi, do too, and they love to play "mother and child".

When Fnuggi takes Stumpi for a walk in the baby wagon, the cat, Piv, gets curious about this rather unusual sight. It comes closer to the dogs, exploring what kind of child is laying in the wagon. However, the cat does not dare to get too close because the "mother" Fnuggi is on the watch for the "predator" as any good mother would do.

Whew! Now we have arrived and we are hungry:
"I wonder if we can get something to eat here?" - Fnuggi seemed to think in front of the entrance to the Cafeteria of Family Farm Fun Park.